Vision & Values

Our Vision

“All children will receive the highest quality education and opportunities so that their potential is unlocked and they can GROW.”

Our GROW Motto

Our ‘Grow’ motto is integral in everything that we do at Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy and is the driver for our Grow curriculum.


Great communication skills


Resilient, confident learners willing to take risks


Opportunity to be curious and independent


Working together to enjoy and achieve

This motto unlocks the four core principles of Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy –

  • Great communication skills

To unlock potential for our children and to prepare them for the future we believe that building them into ‘great communicators’ is crucial. Great communicators listen to others, they ask questions, show empathy, speak confidently and inspire others around them. Developing the pupils ability to deepen their thinking and questioning will lead to mastery learning. We also know that presenting skills are sought after in the modern world.

  • Resilient, confident learners willing to take risks

Building resilience in our learners is crucial in allowing them to grow and learn. Risk taking is essential and we want our children to feel confident in bouncing back from mistakes and learn from them. The learning opportunities will have challenge tasks and work around growth mindset will be shared with the children. We will celebrate examples of resilient behaviour and learn about famous people who demonstrate these qualities.

  • Opportunity to be curious and independent

Through the GROW curriculum we will develop curious learners who are always questioning, reflecting and challenging their own thinking. We will develop the skills required to be self-motivated. We have a strong desire to ensure that doors are opened for our children and their potential unlocked. In order to bring about this change, the design of the whole delivery process of learning is able to embrace 21st century technology alongside, fun, adventure and significant, deep-seated opportunities to learn and explore.

  • Working together to enjoy and achieve

We believe that when working in collaboration we can achieve great things. Team work is a crucial skill for our children to develop and at Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy. We will use strategies such as Kagan Structures, talk partners, peer support, group work and learning mentors to create a learning together ethos. Our curriculum is engaging, innovative and creative to ensure that our children are having fun whilst learning. We strive to create memories every day.

Our Aims

Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy will be a school that grows with the community with a focus on providing a high quality standard of education for all of our pupils. These are our aims:


Excellence in Learning and Teaching

At Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy we have a strong belief that every child has the right to a quality education regardless of background or ability, and have an entitlement to the opportunity of a secure progression route in their learning and development. We are a learning community that practises inclusivity, innovation, collaboration and flexibility, while inspiring and nurturing lifelong learning for students and teachers. We strive for excellence by ensuring that our practices are based on current and informed research. We hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we achieve.


Raise Standards through the GROW Curriculum

The ‘GROW’ curriculum at Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy will challenge and stimulate our children into asking searching questions, shape their learning and enable them to develop into independent critical thinkers and learners. Our GROW curriculum is rooted in the principles of meaningful, engaging, valuable and challenging. A great curriculum coupled with effective teaching will lead to fabulous outcomes.


Raise standards by involving families, parents and the community

We believe that it takes a community to educate a child. Home-School partnerships are crucial in allowing our children to grow and flourish, therefore parents will be regularly informed of their child’s learning, will be invited to join their children in lessons and will be encouraged to attend creative and curriculum workshops. We aim to ensure that parents are ever present in the learning process.

We aim to put community at the heart of our school and of our teaching and learning by encouraging involvement with the locality to add an extra dimension to our children’s learning.


Staff Training and Succession Planning

At Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy we build lifelong learners and our staff are always motivated in developing their own practice. We endeavour to ensure that our staff are highly skilled and that we provide continued professional development opportunities from the Trust and Teaching Alliance to help them to continue to develop themselves and provide the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities for the children.


Unlock potential

We have high expectations and have strong belief in all children achieving greatness with a desire to unlock, release and liberate potential being integral to everything we do. We will strive for excellence, remove barriers and ensure that all children receive a day rich in teaching and learning experiences. We will give pupils to opportunity to be independent and collaborative and use coaching partners to develop great learning habits. No moment in learning will ever be wasted. We strive to inspire our children, empower them and watch them to GROW.