Mac Club – Breakfast and After School Provision

Our breakfast and after school provision is provided by Mac’s Club.

  • Breakfast Club is open Monday-Friday from 7:15am – 8:45am. Term time only when school is open.
  • The After School Club is open Monday-Friday from 3:20pm – 6:00pm. Term time only when school is open.
  • Mac’s Clubs are available for all children from F2 to Year 6, who attend Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy.
  • Mac’s Clubs are primarily located in the School Hall. Parents/carers are asked to enter and collect their children via the Hall door which leads off the path next to the car park.
  • Parents/carers are asked to agree to and sign a registration document for both clubs prior to booking.


Breakfast Club

Children will get a choice of cereals or toast to begin their day. Breakfast is served until 8.25 am. Parents/carers are responsible for informing the Mac’s Club of any dietary requirements. After the children have eaten, they will have the opportunity to get involved in a number of activities. These include:

  • Board games
  • Exercise activities (inside using the hall or outside)
  • Sports activities and team games using the hall or playground
  • Lego or construction games
  • Comics or books
  • Computer activities
  • Craft, drawing, puzzles
  • Or, at the request of parents/carers, be heard reading or getting help with homework.

At the end of the session, children will make their way to their respective classrooms.


After-School Mac’s Club

Children should make their way from their classroom (KS2) or be collected by after-school staff (Reception and KS1) to the School Hall, and register with the After School Mac’s Club Leader.

Following registration, any child attending a separate after-school club activity will join the other children attending the activity. At the end of the activity, they will be brought back to the Mac’s After School Education Club.

The children will be offered a light tea and drink.

Parents/carers are responsible for informing the Mac’s Club Leader of any dietary requirements. Typical activities may include:

  • Art and craft activities
  • Computer activities using school equipment where available
  • ‘chill out’ area where books and comics will be available
  • Lego and construction
  • Board games
  • Help with homework, reading or other learning


Parents/carers may donate toys and games to the After-School Club but children should not bring anything valuable from home.

The Breakfast and After School Education Clubs are not responsible for the loss or damage to any items brought from home.



Children must have a completed registration form before they can attend Mac’s Breakfast and After School Club. On some occasions parents may need to bring their child/ren to a session, at short notice. In all cases a booking form must be completed and payment made. All documents are available from Mac’s Club. Email Tel: 07527233495; 07930225103

Parents/carers are asked to sign their child in at Mac’s Breakfast and After School Club on the daily register.




For further information, please contact Mac’s Club.